You’ve got your CPA. Why do you need a MBA?

I get asked this a lot by other people: “You’ve got your CA (Chartered Accountant) designation. Why do you need a MBA?”

People that know me know that I’ve got my Canadian CA and U.S. CPA accounting designations. They wonder why I still go for a MBA degree. They think this because I can get a decent job as a professional accountant without a MBA degree.

Let me ask you: “You’ve finished high school. Why did you attend university?” You can get a decent job with a high school diploma without an university degree.

Or let me ask, “You’ve drive a Toyota or a Ford. Why do you want a BMW or a Mercedes Benz?” You can get to where you want to go with a Toyota or Ford just fine.

Another example is, “You live in an apartment. Why do you want a house?” You can live comfortably in an apartment.

Everybody should keep improving themselves. In our parents’ generation, getting a high school diploma was enough. In that generation, if you had an university degree you had an advantage. If you had a master’s degree you were gold.

But fast forward to 2015. In our generation, nearly everybody has an university degree. Just going to university doesn’t guarantee a good job anymore.

As the world continues to improve, if you don’t improve you’re falling behind.

There are over 200,000 CPA members in Canada. I need to differentiate myself and have a broader skill set to set me apart from the rest of the crowd. Of the 200,000 Canadian CPA’s, many have their U.S. CPA designation as well. Getting my U.S. CPA was the first step to differentiate myself. Getting my MBA further gives me a skill set that distinguishes me from the crowd. My MBA is valuable.


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