You’ve got your CPA. Why do you need a MBA?

I get asked this a lot by other people: “You’ve got your CA (Chartered Accountant) designation. Why do you need a MBA?”

People that know me know that I’ve got my Canadian CA and U.S. CPA accounting designations. They wonder why I still go for a MBA degree. They think this because I can get a decent job as a professional accountant without a MBA degree.

Let me ask you: “You’ve finished high school. Why did you attend university?” You can get a decent job with a high school diploma without an university degree.

Or let me ask, “You’ve drive a Toyota or a Ford. Why do you want a BMW or a Mercedes Benz?” You can get to where you want to go with a Toyota or Ford just fine.

Another example is, “You live in an apartment. Why do you want a house?” You can live comfortably in an apartment.

Everybody should keep improving themselves. In our parents’ generation, getting a high school diploma was enough. In that generation, if you had an university degree you had an advantage. If you had a master’s degree you were gold.

But fast forward to 2015. In our generation, nearly everybody has an university degree. Just going to university doesn’t guarantee a good job anymore.

As the world continues to improve, if you don’t improve you’re falling behind.

There are over 200,000 CPA members in Canada. I need to differentiate myself and have a broader skill set to set me apart from the rest of the crowd. Of the 200,000 Canadian CPA’s, many have their U.S. CPA designation as well. Getting my U.S. CPA was the first step to differentiate myself. Getting my MBA further gives me a skill set that distinguishes me from the crowd. My MBA is valuable.


5 Time Management Tips

5 Time Management Tips

Here are some Time Management tips:

Tip #1: When doing tasks or work projects, I suggest you start as soon as it is assigned rather than leave it till last minute. Set a schedule with mini-deadlines before the real final deadline. You will have better quality work. Creativity works best when you’re not in a rush. Starting early is especially useful for writing essays or other assignments or projects that require creativity. Get someone to hold you accountable.

Tip #2: Plan out your day in the morning of the most important things to accomplish. You can prioritize your day into “A” – Most Important tasks like cooking breakfast & lunch, “B” – Somewhat Important tasks like doing laundry (important, but not urgent), and “C” – Not So Important tasks. Focus on getting the “A” tasks done first.

Tip #3: The best way to deal with time management is to set a deadline for yourself earlier. For example, if you have to be some place at 9:00am, aim to get there at 8:30am. This will give you some flexible room in case of bad traffic or other unexpected circumstances.

One way that I find effective is when daylight savings happened, I didn’t set my clock back one hour. My clock said 9:00am when it was really 8:00am. That way, I know I have extra time, but psychologically I’d be ready much earlier because subconsciously my mind thinks it’s already 9:00am when it’s really 8:00am. I find that I feel I have a lot more time that way when I set my clock faster.

Tip #4: Set deadlines for specific tasks, but also schedule in some free time for flexibility in case some tasks run over time.

Tip #5: Try preparing things in batches, such as sandwiches for a week or buying grocery for a week instead of just a day or two. It’s better to focus on one task and do more rather than switching back and forth between tasks.

Remember changing a habit can take 3 weeks or more, but if you persevere you will see great results.

If you want more tips, this Best Selling eBook provides 30 Time Management tips on saving time: “Time Management: saving 4 HOURS a week”. See the link below.


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