6 Ways to Succesfully Manage Stress (Part 2)

See last week’s post for the first 3 tips to manage stress.

4) Do something you love!


For me, I still find time to play my guitar or read a new book, despite my busy schedule. It gives me great pleasure. For other people, hanging out with friends may be what you love doing. Make sure you schedule some time to do what you love despite your busyness.

Remember, one day in the future, all your busyness means nothing. It’s how you spent your quality time with quality people or activities that really matter.

5 Set apart 20 minutes of quiet time twice a day


Some people pray, some people meditate. Whatever you call it, setting aside 20 minutes a day to calm my mind works wonders for me. I do it whenever I get very tired. I just calm my mind for 20 minutes and have some quiet time, putting away all my worldly worries and troubles for 20 minutes of serenity and peace. I may listen to soft music. It helps me relax, and give my mind a chance to rest. This is crucial.

6) Have a greater mission than yourself


If you have a purpose in life, you are more alive. If you’re just trying to get by each day with no purpose in life, life becomes a drag and meaningless. For me, my Christian faith is of utmost importance. It gives me direction and purpose in life. It sets me on a mission greater than myself.

I have so many Stress Management tips I feel I can write a book. I’ll write more in a future post. Until then, hope you have a happy life! 🙂


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