**Don’t be afraid to fail spectacularly!** (Part 2)

If you’ve never failed, it means you’ve never tried. If you’ve never tried things beyond your comfort zone, you’ve likely never failed. That’s not a good thing. **If this describes you, you’re probably living a boring life and not living out your true potential.**

**The important thing to remember is failure often teaches us more about ourselves than success ever will.** In a popular martial arts novel and movie, there is a type of sword technique called The 9 Lonely Sword Technique. The swords master explained to his pupil (the main character) that this set of sword skills was invented from techniques that failed. He asked the pupil, “How many people truly learn from their failures?” It was with this sword technique that the main character beat the evil character.

If you’ve failed and genuinely tried your best, pat yourself in the back. Be inspired. Get up stronger and try again with your new experience. Keep doing this. One day you will succeed!

**Don’t be afraid to fail spectacularly!**


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