3 FREE BOOKS I wrote and published on Amazon

3 BOOKS FREE for a limited time! Hurry before they return to regular price up to $7.99!
1) “TIME MANAGEMENT: saving 4 HOURS a week”
Do you want to save 4 HOURS a week?
Does it feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything on your to-do list?
Do you wish a day has more than 24 hours?
If so, you should read this book. This book will provide ways that you can save time throughout your week. There is a suggestion for every day of a 30 day month. You can use as many or as few as you like. If you use just 2 suggestions in this book, you can easily save 4 HOURS a week. If you use all 30, you’ll become a master of time management and can start doing the things you really want to with all your time savings.
I’m looking for people to leave customer reviews on Amazon. After reading my book, if you can write a customer review that would help my book’s ranking on Amazon a lot and I thank you in advance.
2) “LEAP before you THINK”
If you are not satisfied with your boring life, then you should read this.
In this book, you will learn:
– Fear is like a bubble surrounding us. It serves to protect us, but it also prevents 97% of us from realizing our dreams, our potential, our goals, and our destiny.
– If you can conquer the fear in your life, you gain unlimited power and potential to gain wealth, health, happiness, success, and freedom.
– The remedy for paralysis by analysis is to LEAP before you THINK.
3) “Understanding Financial Statement Analysis: For Accountants, Business Owners, Investors, and Stakeholders”
This book is written for accountants/bookkeepers, business owners, investors, and stakeholders who want to understand financial statements and make sound financial decisions. It’s written in simple terms so that non-accountants can understand. This book draws from my experience as a CPA, CA in things to look for in financial statements. As a CPA, I look at financial statements every day. I also prepare financial statements for clients. I will share with you in simple terms how to understand and make use of financial statements to achieve your goals. Lots of examples are given in the book to make understanding easy.

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