RIP Robin Williams, aged 63

August 11, 2014 is a sad day. I grew up watching Robin Williams movies, and he was one of my favorite actors and comedian. Williams is believed to have committed suicide, possibly from depression.

Depression – can thinking happy thoughts, being optimistic, or having wealth and fame prevent it?
Depression, and similar words such as “negative thoughts”, “chronic worrying”, and “high anxiety”, is very real and prevalent in our fast-paced society. I believe most people have experienced varying degrees of symptoms of stress at one point or another. I know of people who suffer from stress and depression. The older you are, the higher the chance you or someone you know experienced mild or severe depression. Many people have felt pre-cursor symptoms (i.e. a very stressful job, family life). Anyone who has felt stress at work or home is susceptible to depression if it is not dealt with carefully. Even the most optimistic people may get depression (like professional comedian Robin Williams). Power, money and fame do not prevent depression (many famous actors/actresses have depression).

More on this topic later, including:
– What causes stress and depression
– My theory on why the rate of depression is higher in the 21st Century than previous centuries
– How to deal with stress and depression.


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