Good-bye Toronto, hello Vancouver and Beijing! (Repost from June 6, 2014)

(I originally wrote this post on my Facebook wall on June 6, 2014. I’m reposting it here on WordPress July 21, 2014.)

I have booked my flight to leave Toronto for Vancouver on July 1, 2014. My stay in Vancouver will be temporary, for a month or so, before I exchange to Peking University (aka Beijing University 北京大学) in Beijing for a year for my Schulich-Peking University Double MBA degree program. I will be the first student to do this new program between Schulich and Peking University. Peking University is China’s #1 ranked university overall and #1 ranked MBA program in China according to The Financial Times.

I am so glad I came to Toronto for the past year. The experience has met and exceeded my expectations!

Teaching in the Schulich Master of Accounting program
It has been interesting for me to be both a student and part-time faculty at Schulich for the past 6 months. Yesterday was my last time teaching my Master of Accounting class at the Schulich School of Business at York University. I told my 32 students that I’ll miss teaching this class and they gave me a clapping applause as I wished them well in their journey to become professional accountants. 

Students thanked me for my enthusiasm and dedication to help them learn. In students’ own words in their feedback:

“You (Calvin) are very enthusiastic and have great energy.”
“You (Calvin) spend a lot of time for students to have the feeling that you are here to help them.”
“You (Calvin) are friendly, open to questions, and use a variety of sources to teach.”
“I like how you (Calvin) are sharing your experience with us.”
“I like that you’re approachable, friendly, and supportive of everyone in the class.”
“I like your sense of humor.”

I really enjoyed teaching my class!

Calvin’s MBA Graduation (as a member of Dean’s Honour List) and Convocation Award
My convocation will be Friday, June 20, 2014 at 10:30am. To my Toronto friends, I would be honored if you join me for photographs at 2pm and final good-byes at the reception after the ceremony. 

I am graduating as a member of the Dean’s Honour Roll for excellent academic performance. Recently, Schulich told me I also won a convocation award and scholarship for outstanding commitment to student life through extracurricular activities and academic achievement and have been invited to an award breakfast with the Dean where I will be presented with my award. Thank you to my friends who nominated me (you know who you are!)

Good-bye Toronto
Toronto, you are a great city to live in and I will always cherish my great memories here. Life is so exciting and full of wonderful opportunities!! 🙂


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