Celebrating accomplishments of my peers

(I originally wrote this post on June 24, 2014 on my Facebook wall. I’m reposting it here on WordPress July 21, 2014 for those who do not have Facebook.)

Today’s post is to celebrate the accomplishments of two of Schulich’s most outstanding MBA students: Pooya Faez and Mashkur Reza, who have significantly contributed back to the Schulich School of Business.

On June 20, 2014 before the Graduation Ceremony, Pooya and Mash (along with me) were awarded Convocation Awards (out of over 400 MBA graduates) for commitment to student life through extracurricular activities and academic achievement, and the Dean of the Schulich School of Business himself, along with GBC president Peter Giampuzzi, presented them with their awards at a special Dean’s Breakfast in the presence of Schulich Faculty and Staff at the prestigious Executive Dining Hall. Every Schulich student has been impacted by their leadership and contributions to the school. I also want to congratulate the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Convocation prize winners who received awards that day.

Below are some of Pooya and Mash’s contributions to the school.

Pooya Faez – winner of Convocation Award
I first met Pooya at the Schulich Academic & Career Planning (ACP) orientation in late August 2013, where he gave a welcome speech to incoming MBA students as the President of the Graduate Business Council (GBC) – the official student government of all Masters level students at the Schulich School of Business. My initial impression of Pooya was he was a wise man who spoke with great wisdom and finesse. Pooya is very considerate of other people, and gets along well with everybody. He is very adept at seeing the big picture, a true visionary, and knows how to motivate people to take action and succeed. Pooya is a great leader and model MBA student.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Pooya serving as Council Members on the GBC. We also worked together as judges for undergraduate BBA/iBBA case competition teams. We coached and trained the Schulich BBA/iBBA team, and the Schulich team we coached went on to win #1 in Canada in a prestigious major business case competition (JDCC competition). The most amazing thing about Pooya is that he is married and has his own family and yet is able to contribute so much to the school. His time management skills are impeccable and definitely worth admiring. As President of the GBC, he communicated student concerns to student services and the school, constantly making the lives of Schulich students better. Pooya was also actively involved in multiple clubs, was a member of successful case competitions, and an integral member of the Schulich MBA Games 2014 team.

Pooya is definitely one of the students who have given back a lot to the school. He much deserves the Convocation Award he has won.

Mashkur Reza – winner of Convocation Award
I first met Mash at Schulympics – a weekend getaway for 200 MBA students in September 2013 – and my first impressions were Mash was a friendly, easy-going guy who loved to help people. I had forgotten to bring a pillow case, and Mash was so kind to bring extras for people who forgot and lent me one. It was an act of kindness I’ll never forget.
Mash once went to a supermarket and paid the grocery bill for a complete random stranger out of kindness. Mash truly follows up his words with actions. He walks his talk.

Mash is Schulich’s beat-boxing champion. He entertained an auditorium full of MBA students at Culture Crawl in October 2013, a true sign of excellent showmanship and in my opinion he should have his own act in Las Vegas. I would pay to see it! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Mash at the 4th Annual Schulich French Toast Fundraiser on Nov 26, 2013 where I played piano and he was beat-boxing. It was so much fun!

Mash is truly a great leader, and is very humble about it. Being an Accelerated MBA student himself, he (along with me and Pedram Kaya) fought for the rights of Accelerated MBA students, such as having a dedicated Accelerated student representative on the GBC Council, and suggested events held to help Accelerated students familiarize themselves with the school and fellow students. He communicated students’ suggestions to the school administration to make Schulich even better.

Accomplished not only in extracurricular activities, Mash also excelled academically: graduating with Distinction as a member of the Dean’s Honour List. Mash also has a wonderful sense of humor, and has the ability to make people feel at ease around him. The most amazing thing is, Mash accomplished all this as an Accelerated MBA student and completed his MBA in 8 months.

Congratulations Pooya, Mash, Thomas Charnock, Amber Lam, and Andrew Hoover!!
If I were to list out all of Pooya and Mash’s accomplishments, this post would be extremely long. I just want to congratulate and thank Mash and Pooya for their hard work and commitment to student life at Schulich. It has been my honour to work with them, and they have taught me so much about how to be a great leader.

I also want to congratulate Thomas Charnock, Amber Lam, and Andrew Hoover for winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes for the highest marks earned as MBA students at Schulich.

Well done all, and best wishes for the future!!


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